Main concerns of a wealthy man Acrylic on canvas, 30 X 40, ask for pricing This canvas is based on a true story…

Boom I met a middle aged guy a while ago, he was visibly wealthy and he was spending a lot of money in cash. He seemed to be spending like no tomorrow, on services, restaurants and hotels rooms, giving money to anyone that gave him attention. A simple chat, or a kind welcome would make him tip generously.

I had the opportunity to speak about a lot of things with him, but he was very evasive on anything personal, never giving any informations about himself, other than where he was recently, or where he was heading to in a near future. We never were able to know where he was working, or how he became wealthy. He was very kind, polite, but yet a simple man with some secrets to hide.

He once told me that I was really lucky to be a young  fellow with all my life in front of me. I responded that it was surprising coming from a not-so-old man with disposable incomes, that seemed to be living life hundred percent, eating in the best restaurants the city has to offer, sleeping on the best pillows, and traveling all over the world. I also told him that I was sure he had a lot of his life left… He simply told me: “I dont think so.”

That kept me intrigued and inspired me to paint this canvas: “Main concerns of a wealthy man”.

Les préocupations Hubert T4 Les-préocupations-de-l-homme-riche

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